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Behind the Camera: the Visionary Team Fueling Vindication's Cinematic Visions

Our Story

We are Arizona and California-based filmmakers who crossed paths while attending the Scottsdale School of Film and Theater.


That's where our creative synergy quickly became apparent. We created Vindication Films in 2018 to bring our love for filmmaking to life.


We've collaborated with many of our film school alum and other Arizona-based creatives on different projects.

SHTRIGA was our first short, winning numerous awards, including Best Editing, Best Cast Ensemble, and Best Short.


The story was a labor of love and marked the beginning of our adventure to bring stories to life.

SHTRIGA Official Selection Logo psd.jpg

Vindication Films: A Passion for Film Making


At Vindication Films, we're committed to telling remarkable stories that are character-driven, stories of the underrepresented, and stories that have the capacity to make a difference.
We're big fans of diversity and inclusion. We love supporting talented, independent filmmakers and constantly pursuing an environment of fairness and equality.
Independent films have a superpower—they can break the rules and bring fresh perspectives to the screen.
We're dedicated to movies that inspire, make you think, laugh, cry, and touch your soul.
We're thrilled to have you here with us, let's dive in and have a fantastic filmmaking adventure together!

Video Camera

The Vindication Team

Melvin Deer (1).jpg

Melvin Deer


Jayde Anderson


Tracy Motley

Assistant Director


Get in touch with committed filmmakers for production inquiries and collaboration.

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